Custom Mobile Web Design Websites

Custom mobile web design websites detect each type of site visitor to automatically resize the display as desktop or mobile.

Hire a trusted web development source with more than 20 years experience in website code. Our design technique for custom mobile web design services is RWD, or Responsive Web Design.

Each website visitor will see the same content, yet the display is optimized to resize and fit their cell phone, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop computer.

How does it work? Signals from the device interpret the operating system and screen size, and our custom mobile web design instantly serves a version of your website to match their screen.

Why is this important? Websites that do not resize automatically require horizontal scrolling to see the width of your page. Mobile device visitors can tap or pinch to zoom, yet many will leave because of the poor user experience.

The future is here! Small business owners who react now to this mobile computing revolution will be a step ahead of their competition. Act now! Marketing experts predict more than half of all internet traffic by 2015 will arrive via a mobile device. Don’t be left behind!

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