Embed Responsive YouTube Videos

This WordPress video plugin tutorial explores a solution to embed responsive YouTube videos that adapt and resize properly on mobile devices.

Here’s a responsive video example that took less than 60 seconds from plugin download to published post.

[responsive_youtube Q0nDQOrBx4A]

A positive user experience requires that site visitors see videos displayed the width of their screen whether held as portrait or landscape.

The WordPress platform as a content management system, or cms, provides free plugin tools that streamline web development time.

Choosing a Video Embed Plugin

I viewed many free WordPress plugins to embed video, yet not all remain compatible as the WordPress core files are revised and released.

Many in “embed video” search results were rated 5 stars, yet a nag message reported “Untested with your version of WordPress” (v4.1).

Through trial and error I discovered that some of those top rated plugins had complicated instructions, or simply failed.

Lesson learned. I scrolled down to find a compatible plugin. After testing several, my choice is the Responsive Video Light WordPress plugin.

Responsive Video Light Tutorial

The Responsive Video Light plugin is fast, plus easy to understand and implement.

Follow these simple steps to quickly embed responsive YouTube videos:

  1. From WordPress admin under Plugins, select “new”
  2. In the search box type “Responsive Video Light”
  3. Select it, and yes to download then activate
  4. Look in settings for the *short code to insert
  5. Open and edit your post or page for the video
  6. Insert the video short code to place the video
  7. Publish then view your responsive YouTube video

*Note: The shortcode for the example here was “responsive_youtube Q0nDQOrBx4A” except replace the quote marks with square bracket symbols.

If you didn’t already, test the video inserted above on your mobile device. It should adapt gracefully in portrait or landscape view.

Good luck with this tutorial to easily embed responsive YouTube videos in less than 60 seconds!

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RWD Responsive Web Design

lifeline rwd mobile site screenshot Another RWD or Responsive Web Design project was launched creating a mobile friendly custom website for Lifeline Dog Rescue.

I created their original website in 2011, yet as technology advanced a makeover was needed to provide a more positive user experience.

Mobile visitors to their site no longer need to scroll or pinch to zoom to view content on their smart phone or other mobile device.

In addition, their phone number and email address are mobile links that may be pressed to instantly call, text, or send an email.

The responsive web design concept within mobile web design is a site that adapts content to a website visitor’s mobile device.

Content does not change by device, but shifts depending on the screen size which is automatically detected in the website code.

A key advantage is there is one design, one set of code, and it adapts to all browsers from smart phone up to desktop monitors.

Lifeline Dog Rescue, a division of Central Florida Weimaraner & Dog Rescue, Inc., is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization.

Their specialty is breed specific to Weimaraners, yet they do rescue other dogs including mixed breeds. They do amazing work!

Follow the link above to their rwd website, or check out Lifeline Dog Rescue on Facebook.

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Challenge for SEO Experts

challenge for seo experts graphic The first challenge for seo experts is showing where their website appears in Google search results for a key search that describes their business.

Before promising top Google search results to you, a reliable web development source should have proof of search ranking success for their company.

Google will be the first to tell you that self-proclaimed search engine optimization or seo experts often promise more than they can deliver.

Ask Tough SEO Questions

Be specific. Ask for a key search phrase that describes what they do.

A unique or specific company name is easier to get on Google page one.

The real test is how anyone ranks versus competition for what they DO! That means you… or any expert you consider hiring.

Before saying ‘yes’ to an expert, see where they show up in Google search results for their key phrase.

Request More Evidence

For your next question to challenge seo experts, you should request more evidence of success for their clients.

Ask them to provide one client’s key search phrase, www domain, and where that website appears in Google search.

If ever promised Google page one, insist on hard evidence the company did it for their website and for customers.

SEO Promises Promises

You will not find any seo promises promises on this website.

However, we ARE on Google page one for our key phrase. Clients have made page one for their key phrase, also.

Does that mean EVERY client? NO. Do we ever promise Google page one? NEVER.

Each business is unique. A realtor will face fierce competition compared to a chainsaw wood sculpture artist.

Your business model, number of competitors, and unique sales position are all factors in how you rank.

SEO Secret in a Phrase

As stated elsewhere on our site, the seo secret to success in a phrase is still Go Mobile, Add Content, Get Social.

1. You need a “mobile” site that is one design that displays well on desktops and on mobile devices.

2. You need to add original quality content to your site. Launch and forget it is unlikely to make #1.

3. You need to get social, even if just starting a business page on Facebook for customer interaction.

These 3 key ingredients to seo success have one thing in common. Each provides a positive user experience.

Google rewards websites with traffic if they invest in high quality content and continuous improvement.

Beware those seo experts who promise Google page one.

Trust those who can answer this challenge for seo experts.

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2015 Mobile Web Design Predictions

Our 2015 mobile web design predictions are on target and validate our key phrase for achieving online success: Go Mobile, Add Content, Get Social.

Two years ago we predicted that sales of desktop computers would be surpassed by mobile devices by 2015. That happened in 2014.

Already more than 50% of your customers and prospects visit your website on a mobile device. It will approach 90% by 2017.

Last month was our 10th anniversary of being full time in web design. This week is our 2 year anniversary for offering custom mobile web design services.

Can we prove our advice worked for us? Check this graphic.

nov 2014 google search graphic

This graphic illustrates a Google search on 30 Nov 2014 for our key phrase: custom mobile web design.

It shows 104 million results, and this website was #1 after paid ads. In addition, results show us at #7 for our Facebook page.

Go Mobile: Google rewards sites that provide a positive visitor experience.

Add Content: Google rewards sites that update with original quality content.

Get Social: Google rewards sites that interact with a social media presence.

Having our Facebook page on Google page one is compelling evidence that our advice for being social is important.

Some designers promise to get their clients on Google page one. We do not. Never have. Never will.

However, if you encounter a design firm that promises page one, be careful. Ask for evidence they did it for their site.

If a person cannot prove page one success for their business website why trust them to design yours?

Now is the time to go mobile. Trust us to help.

Keep in mind you still need a plan and budget to add original quality content and get social.

Contact us today for a free custom mobile web design evaluation.

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Google Encrypted Search and Stats

website stats tracking snapshot Learn why encrypted search entries show less information in website stats tracking since Google made major algorithm changes in September 2013.

It happened quietly when implemented last September, and was announced publicly last October.

In summary, encrypted search gives Google users better privacy and security doing searches while logged into a Google account.

Our standard for evaluating website visitor behavior has been StatCounter, and clients who review visitor referrals on a regular basis may be disappointed by the lack of details.

Recently, StatCounter has been sending email notices to users with information about the lack of details including phrase searched to arrive on their site.

For example, site owners want to know what search phrase people put in Google search to be shown in search results. Prior to last September you could see the actual phrase, and follow the referral link to see the Google search page and placement in results.

The landing page still provides a clue. There are other valuable options to review in StatCounter like Search Engine Wars, Popular Pages, and Return Visitors.

Here’s the official explanation from Google about this major algorithm change, and a link to more details.

Google Search uses SSL to encrypt the connection between your computer and Google to help prevent intermediary parties, like internet cafes, ISPs, and wifi hotspots, from intercepting or interfering with your search activities. For supported browsers, Google may use this option by default. Source: Making Search More Secure, Google.com

Our advice for tracking website visitor behavior is don’t get hung up on statistics.

More importantly, focus on providing a positive user experience with high quality content and an obvious call to action. Give visitors a reason and motivation to explore your site and contact you.

Encrypted search results for this site are currently 87% of all data out of the last 100 visits today.

Curious about where you site lands in search results for your key phrases? Go to Google.com and perform each search and find your position.

Your ranking will depend on many factors. Your product or service and market, plus the number of competitors are key factors. Study page one results, and then develop a plan and strategy to improve your position.

The impact of Google encrypted search and the effect on stats means site owners need to refocus.

Focus more on giving site visitors a positive experience, and summarized as follows.

High quality original content is a must. Being active on social sites is highly recommended. A mobile friendly website is more vital now than ever, as well.

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Meeting Website Performance Expectations

exceeding expectations grtaphic One challenge with new custom mobile web design projects is setting realistic goals for meeting website performance expectations.

From experience we know that business owners are often approached by web developers who promise better results than they can deliver.

That creates a mindset of unrealistic expectations. One problem is a new site lacks age, credibility, and authority. Those take time.

Those people who promise rankings on Google page one will likely use deceptive methods for key phrases, or long or unrelated phrases.

Searching your business name and being found on Google page one is almost a given, yet useless if your business is not well known.

In truth, being listed on page one is reserved for websites that create quality content for a positive user experience without trickery.

Meeting website performance expectations means getting established in order to meet realistic goals for what you do, not who you are.

If a site launches and no new content is added, owners of that new website may have to wait 6 months to a year to get ranked.

As stated before, our secret to online success in a phrase is still go mobile, add content, and get social.

Sounds easy. It’s actually hard work.

For small business owners busy running their business, getting the maximum benefit from the least amount of effort is key.

Let us help. Tell us about your business, and we can tailor a plan for meeting website performance expectations.

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Testing My Website is Down

website out of order graphic With 15 years experience, and rare reports of “my website is down” from clients, the fact a site does not display is usually a local issue.

If your site is online but slow to load pages, it’s more likely an issue from the hosting service provider. Otherwise, this tutorial may help.

The best way to confirm your site is actually online is trying a free proxy server to access your website.

Unlike years ago, hosting service reliability is nearly flawless, so owners can check that a website does appear properly by going through the proxy.

If the proxy server can display your site, that fact confirms it is a local problem.

Visit the free proxy server at NinjaCloak.com and in the search box near the bottom of the page type in your www domain to “test”.

If you cannot see your website through proxy, call your service provider or work with the web design team to get the site back online.

On rare occassions a client has explored web design code outside their expertise and caused their site to fail.

If that’s the case, be up front and confess when reporting your site down.

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Garden Secrets and Your Website

websites are like gardens graphic The idea behind garden secrets and your website is that both require a strategy of investing in the project so that it grows and bears fruit.

Too often site owners feel their website is a one time “launch and forget it” investment that will somehow attract new customers forever without any further work.

A successful garden is hard work. That’s true for websites, as well.

Each must start with a quality foundation to grow.

Each will fail if launched and then neglected.

Each requires investing time, energy, and money.

Our proven strategy for website success works for us and those clients who follow our advice.

The Secret: Go mobile. Add content. Get social.

Go Mobile: Mobile browsing will surpass desktop access by 2015. Website owners need to give users a mobile friendly experience.

Add Content: Fresh quality content provides a positive user experience and a reason for visitors to return or refer others.

Get Social: Get on Facebook and other social sites to inform and interact with customers to enhance traffic from search engines.

The common theme in each aspect of this strategy is a customer-centric approach.

Beware of poor mobile design. Give quality info and advice. Social means informal and friendly.

Search engine reputation depends on relevant results. A people first approach will enhance your website ranking. Better ranking can mean more traffic and business.

A strategy of go mobile, add content, and get social will get noticed and be rewarded by search engines.

Comparing your website to a garden, how does your garden grow?

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Webmaster Academy for SEO Best Practices

google webmasters advice graphic Google is the top authority on search engine optimization strategy and recently opened their free Webmaster Academy for SEO best practices.

Unlike our “Top Secret” graphic illustration here, Google openly shares advice for webmasters to improve their position in search results.

In brief, ranking well with Google means providing a positive user experience for your website visitors.

Follow this link to the Google Webmaster Academy introduction and their excellent (free) course on how to create and optimize your site for best results.

The course consists of the following 3 modules.

  • Module 1: Make a great site
  • Module 2: Learn how Google understands your site
  • Module 3: Communicate with Google

Each module takes about an hour to complete, so you can be done in half a day.

You may want go back over each several times to fully absorb the content, and then return as necessary for a refresher in the future.

Our advice for online success in a phrase is Go Mobile, Add Content, and Get Social.

The Google Webmaster Academy course reinforces our philosophy and can help teach you SEO best practice basics to meet your goals.

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Top 10 Out of 181 Million Results

It’s not easy achieving Google Top 10 out of 181 million results for a key phrase that describes the essence of your business.

Our mobile or rwd web design competition includes corporations that pay thousands trying to get on Google page one. Some have 100+ designers on staff.

Our agency is one person, at home, on Google page one for custom mobile web design at #2 and #6 out of 181 million results.

Here is a screenshot of a Google search done 5 Feb 2014 listing just the top 6 (see 1-6 in red) to reduce the size of the graphic.

google top 10 search results graphic

Google Top 10 Search Results Graphic

The letters marked A through E in red describe the graphic as follows:

A – The search input “custom mobile web design” in the Google search box
B – Number of search results retrieved showing 181 million in 0.29 seconds
C – “Ads related to…” were 3 paid ads removed to keep the graphic small
D – #2 in natural search results (unpaid) is the home page of our website
E – #6 in natural results (unpaid) is the Facebook page for our business

When viewing any Google search results it is human nature to skip the paid ads unless they include a known brand.

Most people understand those listings were paid, and not natural ranking based on the merit of providing a quality visitor experience.

Tip: There are so-called seo or search engine optimization experts who will promise you page one ranking on ALL search engines including Google.

Only trust the experts who can prove that their site is page one for their key phrase.

More than 90% of self-proclaimed experts cannot provide evidence to prove they achieved Google page one for themselves yet promise that to you.

Any doubt? Email us for a no obligation review of the company you are considering. Top 10? It’s not easy.

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